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Interesting Facts About Blinds and Shutters

Did you know there are lots of history and facts behind blinds and shutters? In this blog we are going to be providing you with some new knowledge about window treatments!

1. The first shutters were made of marble

2. The Romans were the first to invent Roman blinds after they started hanging damp cloths over their windows to stop dust coming in.

3. Shutters soon became all the range in New England, US and mansions in the plantations used them to keep cool. Hence the name Plantation Shutters.

4. Venetian blinds did not actually originate in Venice… it was in fact the Persians who first made the design.

5. Shutters are the only window treatment that give you complete control of the light coming into your home.

6. UV rays are responsible for up to 40% of fading on furniture in your home.

7. During Victorian times, curtains were usually darker colours as bright colours and patterns were often expensive and only bought by rich people.

8. One of the largest windows in the world can be found at the Notre Dame Cathedral

9. In Victorian times decorative shutters were placed on the outside of homes to signal wealth.

10. Natural shutters and blinds reduce the carbon dioxide in homes.