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Why You Should Choose Shutters

Through history shutters have always been seen as a decoration for the outside of your window, while blinds and curtains reign supreme in the inner window department. Although the majority of people still go for the latter, shutters are becoming increasingly popular, with people having them installed to the inside of the windows in their home. There are multiple reasons for the recent popularity of this trend and in this blog we are going to telling you why exactly this may be.

Aesthetic value

First and foremost, when it comes to picking anything that is going to be seen in your home, the design is something that comes before anything else. We all want our homes to look beautiful! A primary reason for the rise of shutters, is their amazing aesthetic value. They are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, a real statement in anyone’s home. The alternatives that are blinds or curtains can sometimes be outdated quickly, while the simplicity of shutters will ensure they stand the test of time.


Shutters are by far the most versatile option in the world of window décor. As well as windows, they can be fitted to doors, openings, wardrobes and pretty much anywhere you can think of! If you have an irregular window shape or unusual opening, shutters like ours are the perfect solution. Our shutters are made to measure and can be crafted to just about any shape that you need to suit your requirements.

Easy maintenance

While shutters are the most stunning of window decorations, the practical side of them is great too! They are incredibly easy to maintain and clean. If you just give them a wipe with a damp cloth every once in a while, that should be enough to keep them looking great. Another point is how long-lasting shutters tend to be. Because of the high quality wood used for our shutters, they are a lot more durable than the alternatives.


This may be a less obvious reason for people’s love of shutters, but they can actually act as a great deterrent to burglars. If a potential intruder sees shutters in your window, they are more likely to avoid your home, as this is just another layer of security for them to get through!

Here at Grandvay Home Solutions, we are passionate about shutters and can provide you with a range of high quality varieties, to add that touch of class to your home!

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